Sunday, July 1, 2012

Student Housing In The UK

The UK student housing facilities have developed greatly over the years, as more and more people are attending University. Nowadays, students are faced with a wide range of options when it comes down to selecting the most reliable student housing packages. There are a variety of options to choose from such as private rental of a house, halls of residence, private student halls and much more! Please continue reading to discover more about student accommodation in the UK.

The top ten "hot spots" for student accommodation in the UK include:


These particular places, as mentioned above, have seen rises in the demand for students to study there, therefore a rise in the amount of people needing accommodation. You will no doubt find many places and options to choose from in these cities and towns, ranging from Halls of Residence to private properties. It is strongly advised that you take a visit around all the types of properties available to you in order to get a good enough insight into the places, which will allow you to decide where you wish to live.

University Halls of Residence are generally aimed and recommended to first year students as it is a more "safe" environment, as they will be living alongside all other University students. This type of accommodation also allows the residents to never miss out on any social events arranged by the University, as there will be advertisements and many people around you talking about the events.

You may be wanting to live in a private property, in which case they also have many benefits. Often, you will find in private properties you get a lot more for what you are paying, however, there is a lot more responsibility with this type of student accommodation. You must ensure you take factors such as maintenance, what costs include, payments dates etc. all into consideration. A common issue with private rented properties is intruding landlords. You must stand your ground and know your rights when it comes to landlords, so be sure to be prepared for any of these issues.

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