Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Current Placement System of Delhi University Needs an Overhaul

This year, during the admissions of Undergraduates in Delhi University (DU) Colleges one significant remark echoed over students and parents "Please choose course over college. It is a rational long term benefactor for the student's future" source: - HTcampus. This made me go back to the days of my admission in DU three years back, the same idea had struck me, I had been delayed for the admissions in Delhi University colleges as I was lagging behind the cut off percentage criteria in the North Campus Colleges (DU). With more conviction on the curricula and my diligence, the prospects of a better tomorrow were the least ambivalent.

Soon I realized that my hopes were meant to be dashed between the systemic stragglers and status quo. I cared about the code of conduct, but failed to understand the logic of 'policy of non-engagement'. To explain further, the colleges with no administrative framework for placements and market-association justified the status quo as a policy measure. Can someone explain the reasoning of policies which precede a 'flawed' practice over merit? The rationale for evaluating colleges as good or not-so-good (affiliated to the same University) is the systems in place which give opportunity for experimenting a young mind's prowess and specialization, viz. to take it a 'step further' from the rectangular pages or virtual learning to the social practice.

In spirit of the subject, I would like to suggest the anomalies and remedial measures in the placement procedure in practice with colleges which do not have a separate college placement cell in position:

1.) Colleges associating with the Central Placement Cell of the University should opt for a standardized layout of updates, company profiles and other relevant information. The current system is defective with indirect communication and irregularities. For example, the students do not get an official notification on the company profile, dates of interview, recruitment rules etc. from the college. In most of the cases, the interested students have been asked to trail the selection procedure and apply on their own. College endorsement is minimal.

2.) Colleges should encourage a 'positive' preparatory ambiance for young aspirants. There is no workshop/ seminar/ lectures by the prospective company representatives, being organized by the college administration. Kept voluntary, it should be an integral part of the college annual diary of events.

3.) The location is a matter of concern and tangent prejudice, with companies preferring to come to North campus colleges for selection of candidates. There should be a fair representation of the South Campus colleges by the companies opting to come to the campus for placements. This would be huge plus for the students with a positive learning experience.

4.) Colleges should ensure that the meritorious candidates shall be rewarded aptly by giving them a fair chance to prove their aptitude. This would rule out no mid-term dejection's and inter college transfers for the talented. The foundation of course over college would then be well-placed!

5.) Making an extended branch of Central Placement Cell (CPC), North campus in the South campus as well where all the students who are not able to appear in CPC North Campus will stand a fair chance to get to appear and get placed with equal standings.

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